Other writings and collaborations

Other writings and collaborations

Tips to follow minimalism at work:

I am usually not stressed at work. This doesn’t imply that I haven’t been overworked. I have had my fair share of long working hours, work on weekends, graveyard shifts (9pm-6am KUDOS to all the people who can pull them off), work on a plane, work in a rickshaw, work whilst doing headstands as I type with my toes etc.

Minimalism at work has helped me:

  • Reduce distraction
  • Not get overwhelmed


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How can leaders and team members help each other?


My team leader is a micromanager. This prevents me from doing work effectively, let alone use my creativity. How can I address this situation?

Meghana: The root of micromanaging lies in the lack of trust that a leader has in her/his team. These leaders usually believe that only they can do a task in the best way possible so they tend to keep giving ideas and suggestions constantly without waiting to hear from others.

As a team member working under such a leader, you have to be proactive, anticipate needs and build the leader’s trust over time. I would suggest 3 things: a)Daily meetings b)Timelines c)Buy time


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