Namaste 🙏, I am आनंद

What do you do?
I am a Social Innovation consultant. I help social enterprises and NGOs structure their organisational strategies, co-develop innovative ideas and enhance or implement their product or service offerings.

Let's take an example of a hypothetical organisation MakeTheWorldBetter. I help MTWB to envision, state or re-access their GOALs, then break down the goals into smaller achievable chunks(milestones) and finally create a roadmap to get there. In this roadmap, I co-work with the organisation to come up with innovative ideas to achieve the milestones.

Any framework that you follow?
I prefer combining different frameworks but mainly Design thinking, Lean and Agile.

What makes you special?
The work that I do is human centred i.e. I design systems with the people, the users or the community as the most important stakeholders. Unfortunately that may sound to be a bit cliched, however I practice what I preach.

Secondly, I believe, to test out an idea you SHOULD NOT spend a lot of money. You can always be very lean and start minimalistic before scaling up. I see to it that the organisations I work with don't spend much to try out new things.

What's your background?
I am an IT engineer from Mumbai who worked with Accenture for many years before deciding to do my MBA(ESADE) and focus on the development(social) sector. Below are the organisations I have worked with:

Why focus on the development sector?
I have noticed that the development sector is predominantly orthodox. In spite of the mounting piles of social challenges that need innovative approaches to resolve, the approaches adopted are still very old school. So, I thought with my blend of technical, business and human centred method expertise, I could shake things a bit and increase the scale of impact.

What are you doing right now?
I am currently working on a project in Burundi.
Also,  I am experimenting on a way to reduce bias through music =)

How do I get in touch with you?
Drop me a note : or connect with me on Linkedin - Anand