8 aspects to be aware of whilst doing Design Thinking

8 aspects to be aware of whilst doing Design Thinking

Let's jump into few key pointers to keep in mind while doing design thinking or human centred design projects.


  • Do not rush through this phase. Be the user to understand the user.
  • Deal with the egos of teammates, who think they already know the user.
  • Build relationships with the users. They would come in handy especially at the later stages of the process. Even if they don’t, you’ll at least make new friends.


  • Focus and keep the problem definition statement short. CAUTION: Avoid the word AND.


  • Avoid getting anchored to your own ideas. “My idea is the best”..hmm not really.
  • Do two rounds of ideation. In most of the projects I have worked on, the ideas from the second round get chosen.


  • Don’t wait for the prototype to be perfect. It would never be perfect. Co-develop the prototype with the user.


  • Acknowledge failures fast. If things don’t work out, take the learning and go back to the ideation board.

👇Short articles on how to avoid these pitfalls.

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